Our Brand

Modasten – (mo-duh-sten) n. – Derived from an ancient language from the words meaning “red” and “hawk”.

The red tailed hawk has always been highly regarded for its acute vision and obvious freedom as it majestically soars through the open skies.  It has extreme significance to many different cultures across the world and throughout history.
In some Native American cultures, the red tailed hawk represents the interconnectedness of all things and a reverence for all forms of life on this planet.

Some believe it to be a symbol of the guardian of the Earth Mother and it encourages others to do the same.  The red in the mature hawk’s tail represents power, energy, and maturity.  The hawk is known as a representation of having vision to see the broad scope of things and the “big picture”. To the ancient Greeks, it is associated with the god Hermes, the messenger, healer, and communicator of souls into and out of the underworld. The hawk offers leadership, freedom, and courage to face fears.

In ancient Mayan culture, the hawk is associated with the god Coatyl. He represents hope, health, happiness, harmony, and humor. The teachings of the ancient Quabala say the hawk is a symbol of the 14th path.  Where the soul enters darkness in search of the meaning of life.  The idea is not to make everything right, but more so to learn to appreciate just being alive and to find balance through all of the joys and agonies that are just part of living.

Modasten was created to bring our own unique style to the action sport world by offering high quality sunglasses and apparel that are symbolic of the spirit and power of the red hawk.